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Here at Medical Arts Pharmacy, we are more than just your neighborhood drug store. We offer a range of consultations in order to provide you with the most holistic health care possible. Book an appointment today to learn more.

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Medical Equipment fit for your home

Durable medical equipment is the solution for aging in place. Latest trends show the majority of the elderly population does not want to age at a nursing home or assisted living facility, but rather they prefer to live at home. Durable medical equipment not only allows these individuals to be independent and mobile while aging in their own home, but promotes safety and prevents falls.

Need a Customized Therapy or Medication?

Compounding is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Have embarrassing questions you don’t want to physically go to the pharmacy for? We have you covered with easy access to ED and hair loss medications with complete privacy. You can even order online and have the medication sent right to your door, without any explanations or questions in public.
Many women do not realize that their hormones are imbalanced, which leads to weight gain, hair loss or acne. We have you covered with customized hormone replacement. We also compound weight loss medications and dermatological products to help you get your confidence back and feel like a million dollars.
Are you having trouble finding a pharmacy that can compound a medication for your fur baby? We can help! We offer a variety of pet friendly medications that can be compounded into liquids or tablets depending on what your pet prefers to take.
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Immunizations and Vaccinations

One of the keys of preventative health care is to keep up to date with all of your vaccinations. Many vaccinations should be updated regularly and can be completed here at the pharmacy when you come in to pick up a prescription. One less appointment to make at the doctor office!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Our customers love us! Here are a few reviews that we’ve received.

A+++ service and care. Would recommend this Pharmacy to my friends and family. Halleh the pharmacy manager is always there for me to assist with all my medications and gives assistance without me even asking. I’m so grateful to have this rapport with my local pharmacist, she has been consistently kind and helpful. My thanks to her and her staff.

Javier B.

Creo que al principio no estaba muy contenta pero ahora me siento muy bien con el servicio de los nueve empleados y sobre todo con la excelente atención de siempre de Wanda gracias.

Ocilia S.

Pharmacists and technicians there have always been helpful everytime I used to visit. I live up north now. But during my time in the homestead it was always a pleasure stopping by even if for questions. It was many years ago. I had done my tech hours there and learned a lot with them. When it comes to their busy days, it does get busy. I was able to help in the front register, with their inventory, calling insurances for verifications. The patients that came day to day were familiar faces, very nice and a lot of new patients that would fill their scripts with us. When you have any questions you’re unsure of, just call the pharmacy staff and speak to them with any concern or help you need for them to help you. I gave medical arts ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

Olga C.

The service you receive is impeccable and they care and try to get to know all their clients. This pharmacy is what a pharmacy in the old days was like, not the big corporation businesses that have cropped up that only care about money and shareholders. I have personally experienced where I have so many doctors prescribing me meds sometimes they forget to check what I am taking. I can count 3 times that Medical Arts has caught a medication mistake where what I am taking cannot mix with a new prescription and they informed me so we could coordinate with the doctors to get a new prescription that can be taken with all my other meds.

Michael C.

Medical Arts Pharmacy has excellent service, its employees are kind and dedicated to helping you get what you need. Fast service.

Edita A.

The best service ever, people actually pick up the phone, they are knowledgeable and most professional, they return calls !!! Everything is done the old fashion way by personal service!!! Keep up the good work !!! Highly recommended!!!

Peter H.

I have officially found my favorite go to pharmacy! Best experience ever! They are extremely prompt, caring, courteous, and provide excellent service! Thank you so much for making my day and time effortless, I will never go to any other pharmacy from this day forward.

Jennifer M.

I just moved to the Redlands and finding this pharmacy was absolutely a blessing. Hally was patient, very knowledgeable and her customer service skills will have me returning and making this my pharmacy of choice…. Thank you Hally!!

Javier B.

Medical Arts Pharmacy is the top 1 pharmacy here in South Florida. The pharmacist and the staff are the most caring and kind people ever. I am able to come to a place where the staff knows my name and my needs and always helps to resolve matters promptly. Also they have great personalities so sometimes I come by just to say hi. Thankful for great service in my community!

Elio C.

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